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Mari Fujihira 

dancer / choreographer
director of Dancénsemble Based in Tokyo

She graduated from The Australian Conservatoire of Ballet and worked as ballet dancer in Tokyo.
After leaving the company , she started to work as a freelance contemporary dancer.
She has worked own pieces since 2017 and performed with many artists in 20 countries including a site specific performance on the street to talk by dancing to the people who happened to passed by .
Also she has worked as a model and actor in Japan.
She currently serves as the director and choreographer for her own dance company, ‘Dancénsemble’ established in 2017.
She prioritizes the diversity of people in this company and welcomes any dancers regardless of their age and background.

- As performer -
"Colored oil " by Ryoichi Fujisaki at SEZON ART GALLERY 
“Reverberation of sound, Afterimage of the body” /TOKYO CANAL LINKS at B&C Hall Tennoz
Tekkoujima Festival at BUCKLE KOBO organized by Warehouse TERRADA
Jin-coat promotion dancer / Kimono Salone Tokyo 
DESIGN SETTA SANGO promotion event
“you are beautiful “ / chibarrier free art projects

- Production -
“crimson” /Bridge Dance Festival Chicago at Links hall
“Throw cash “ / RANDMARK PROGRAM at Bergen kunsthall
“Ladies & Girls & Human & Me“ / Sai Dance Festival Exhibition at Sainokuni Saitama Arts Theater 
“The moment” at canasta creative space in Indonesia
create dance piece with Fanglao Dance Company in Laos
Asian Improv Festival in Chicago * in film work 

- CM / MV / Films -
American Express CM main actor
Olympic and Paralympic official culture film program 「TOKYO2020 NIPPON FESTIVAL」
Roth Bart Baron MV
Primitive Art Orchestra MV
Seven Billions Dots MV

- Award -
SAI DANCE FESTIVAL COMPETITION 2018 1st prize of solo section
Seibu Railway Dance Movie Competition Unique movie award (with Dancénsemble).


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